About Us

Our Vision: We are a learning community emphasising Christian values that respect the people and cultures of Aotearoa and enable all to grow and achieve their potential.

ElimKids is a community-based Christian preschool that values diversity, has a positive team environment and works in partnership with whanau/families, specialist organisations and our community.

We have a loving, caring environment that nurtures a child’s self-esteem, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual growth with a dedicated team of qualified and trainee teachers.

All children have a primary caregiver – a special teacher who is responsible for developing a closer relationship with them and their whanau/family. This teacher looks after your child’s portfolio book, which contains learning stories, photos, anecdotes and artwork.

ElimKids is committed to ongoing staff development and is a training institution. This ensures we not only stay in step with current practice but also have a regular injection of fresh ideas and learning through our Early Childhood Education trainees.

ElimKids values connections with our community and encourages whanau/family participation and has served Nelson for over 20 years.

Laughing baby
Girl at a playground